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Calvin - Adopted October, 2007

Calvin's new mom writes:

My husband Ryan and I adopted Calvin in October after doing quite a bit of searching and research on the internet. We looked at many different dogs but when we opened the picture of Calvin, we both fell head over heels in love. We both grew up with dogs in our homes and we were anxious to get the right dog for our family. When he first arrived he was very shy and nervous around everyone and everything. Slowly but surely he came out of his shell and has turned into one of the most beloved dogs in our building as well as my place of work. He spends most of his time snuggling with Mom or Dad and searching for lost socks in our apartment. Socks have become his favorite toy along with ripping every piece of stuffing possible out of the toys we buy him. I really can't express how much sunshine and happiness he has brought to our lives. He is such a happy little dog and he makes us laugh every day with his antics. We love him so much and truly believe he was meant to be OUR dog.

Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Calvin!
Ryan, Sarah, and Calvin